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Hacking Trick.

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Get free GPRS settings for any operator/mobile in world on Your Mobile Phone:
For better response and correct gprs settings plz provide all details. For exp you can give some extra details like: Postpaid or Prepaid, wap or web, for mobile surfing or for PC surfing, this make to delivered you to right gprs settings.
BSNL user plz specify zone, i.e. east,west, north or south zone.
Plz put your comments and ideas if you satisfied or not with the service. Some operators not supports third party service, so if you unable to receive settings it may your operator issue.
Due to high volume of requests, it may take some time to receive gprs settings. Plz be relax, you definitely got.


Free manual GPRS settings:

Most of people have face problems regarding gprs settings on their mobile phones. I have been getting lots of public reviews about how to configure and where to get gprs setting, So I publish here most of gprs settings for most of mobile service operator (India) to enter in your phone mannulay. Here you have manual gprs settings for vodafone, hutch, idea, airtel, bsnl, airtel live, airtel mobile you can enter in your phone and configure mannually.

Manual Reliance Smart GPRS Settings:
Settings for SMARTWAP:

* Account name : SMARTWAP
* Access point name: SMARTWAP
* Home page: http://wap.rworld.co.in/gsm/index.wml
* Wapgateway proxy IP address:
* Port: 8080

Settings for SMATRNET:

* Account name: SMARTNET
* Access point name: SMARTNET
* Home page: http://www.google.co.in
* Wapgateway proxy IP address:
* Port: 8080

Settings for MMS:

* Account name: RTLMMS
* Access point name:MMS
* Homepage:
* Wapgateway IP:
* Port: 9401

Manual Idea gprs Settings:

Account Name - idea_GPRS
Username - leave Blank
Password - leave Blank
Homepage - http://wap.ideafresh.com
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Proxy and Server adress -
Databearer - GPRS / Packetdata
Acces Point Name - imis
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Authentication Type - Normal

Manual Hutch or Vodafone Essar gprs Settings:

Account Name - Vodafone Live
User Name - leave Blank
Password - leave Blank
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Access Point Name - portalnmms
Proxy - Enabled/yes.
Proxy and Server address -
Proxy and Server Port - 9401 or 8080
Homepage - http://live.vodafone.in
Authentication Type - Normal

Manual Airtel gprs Settings:

Account Name - Airtel_gprs
User Name - leave Blank
Password - leave Blank
Homepage - http://live.airtelworld.com
Proxy - Enabled/yes.
Proxy and Server Adress -
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Data bearer - GPRS or Packet Data.
Access Point Name - airtelgprs.com
Authentication Type - Normal
Use preferred access point - No

Manual Airtel live settings:
Account Name - Airtel_live
Homepage - http://live.airtelworld.com
Username - leave Blank
Password - leave Blank
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Proxy and Server Adress -
Accespoint Name - airtelfun.com
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Data bearer - GPRS/ Packet Data
Authentication Type - Normal

Manual BPL gprs Settings:

Account Name - BPL WAP
Username - leave blank
Password - leave blank
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Homepage - http://wap.mizone.bplmobile.com
Proxy and Server address -
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Acces Point Name - mizone
Data bearer - GPRS/ Packetdata
Authentication Type - Normal

Manual BSNL north gprs Settings:

Account Name - bsnlwap
Username - leave blank
Password - leave blank
Proxy - Enabled/yes
Homepage - http://wap.cellone.in
Proxy and Server address -
Proxy and Server Port - 8080
Acces Point Name - wapnorth.cellone.in
Data bearer - GPRS/ Packetdata
Authentication Type - Normal

AIRTEL Free Hellotunes!!
You can activate some free Hellotunes

e.g- 1. A R Rahman , 2. Airtel Nigahe , 3. Bharat humko , 4. Vandematram

to actiavate free Hellotunes Just Dail *678# and Enter in Free Zone

& select ur song u wish to activate..

BSNL free Hello Tunes:

Log on to http://bsnltunes.bsnlumw.com register there balance must be below Rs.10

PUK No. for AIRTEL :

Your Airtel Mobile PUK number on ur Mobile. Type ur mobile no. in write message & send to 785 (free). Receive PUK & PIN number.

Email from ur GSM Mobile: Just type EMA then the email Id followed by ur text & send to +393388641732 (eg.EMA Tricks)


All you need an AIRTEL LIVE activated SIM card. You need to Edit the AIRTEL LIVE settings and change the PROXY ADDRESS or IP ADDRESS to 202.056.231 initially it would be Now open AIRTEL LIVE'S HOMEPAGE & than open all other sites. Normally at least 75% sites will open but sometimes you'll get an error. In that case just DISCONNECT & CONNECT it again. Enjoy free GPRS...

Make ur Mobile Internet surfing little byte faster than before:

Use IP: Port:8080 APN:airtelmms.com(for airtel) & internet (for idea)

Free Internet through AIRTEL Mobile:

1. Download Proxifier s/w from www.proxifier.com & install it in ur PC.

2. Open Proxifier Options->settings->Ip address to,Port to 8080 & select HTTPS mode. Done. In settings check out use authentication..Click ok.. Now a dialog box will appear…click No..

3. Connect ur Phone to Bluetooth or Datacable.

4. Controlpanel->phone & modem->select ur phones modem & install it.

5. Create a Dialup connection .Dialup no. *99***1#. Open Proxifier & minimize it, open IE & now open any site.

Airtel Free GPRS Settings:

change ur IP Address – , Proxy Port – 8080 , Access Point - airtelmms.com

AirTel Live users only :

For free Browsing use this Trick .Type in GOTO URL wap.google.com/gwt/n?u=type the url here.

Free Download from Airtel Homepage follow all steps:

Step 1 : activate airtel live(free)

Step 2 : go to airtel live homepage continue…..

Step 3 : select anything u like to download like tones,games, wallpapers.

Step 4 : when download detail page appear, bookmark(save) that page .Edit that bookmark. U see the any Id, Edit it to Id: 1499769 & save bookmark and open it.Now u can download for free….

BSNL GPRS on Mobile :

Name - BSNL GPRS , Homepage - http://wap.cellone.in ,

Service type1 – wap , Gateway IP 1 – , Port No. – 9209

Timeout Never – Never.

BSNL connection on your mobile phone:

1) Make two connections like BSNL111 and BSNL222
2) Select the application you got to have the full connection working on.
Surpassingly “web” now just select “BSNL111” profile and select a link like wap.cellone.in the page will get open,
just press the red button such that the “web” application goes in the background.
Make sure that the gprs connection is still established with the web app.
Two parallel lines on the top left of the screen will confirm this
3) Now open any other app that requires web connection like opera. Select BSNL222 and open any other link like
wap.google.com, u will get AN error.
the aim of using the other app is to perform multi-channel gprs,
this is verified by seeing some dots on the pre-existing connection established by “web” ACCESS DENIED.
Technical description:
403 Forbidden - You are not allowed to communicate with the requested resource.”
4) close opera and open web and open a site like esato.com
5) if everything is done as said here then esato will load and THTS IT! We have the whole internet!

For connection on pc:

1)create a connection and enter the number to be dialed as *99***1#
2) enter the string as extra initialization command
3)now dial from pc, the connection will be established
4)pick the phone and open “web” open “wap.cellone.in” the phone shows error .
5) close “web” and then from the browser open
and thts it ! The whole intenet is here .
settings for profiles
apn: celloneportal
port : 8080
leave other fields blank as they are of the least concern!
the browser settings on pc 2 go the same as mentioned above!


Activate AIRCEL THRILLS.Open Homepage & Click Yahoo Mail & then Next Page Click Yahoo Home . Now U can Search Any sites & View .

Free Internet in IDEA in PC :

IP Address- Port – 8080. Use Opera 8.27 & ur balance must be below Rs.13.


Airtel live activated on SIM.

Go to Message Setting - MMS Setting & than change APN Address or I.P SERVER Address from airtelmms.com to airtelfun.com.If MMS sending failed than dial this CODE - *#1921135518# dial this will make to sending FREE your MMS.Enjoy free MMSing....


a. Firstly activate the free SMS on your Airtel & than you'll get 400 A2A free SMS. Now deactivate this service after 7 days & then again restart this on very next day. You'll get 1200 free SMS A2A.

b. Other trick is that go to Message Setting -> Text Message -> Profile Setting & than change Message Centre Number to +9810051905. Remember this FREE SMS centre number works on Few Airtel numbers only. Enjoy free SMSing...

Airtel Hack for Free SMS Settings :

Change Message Centre No. to +919845086020 or +919810051905

(Balance must be Zero)

Reliance Free SMS Settings :

Change Message Centre No. to +919863002222 
(Balance must be Zero)

Free Airtel Missed Call Alert – 
Dial *62*+919894035100#

Free AIRCEL Missed CAll Alert
Dial *62*+919842201006#

Free IDEA Missed CAll Alert
Dial *62*+9198__001711#,ur circle no.__

Airtel Free Alerts
Change Message centre no. to +919840011011. ThenMessage to 54321,56161,53030 for getting free alerts of Cricket,News,Jokes,Thought,Ringtones,Pictures etc…..

Direct Custcare : 123p1p4p9

Airtel Directory Hack for some free downloads :

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